Hi Theatre Peeps! June is so nice, let’s get together twice ūüôā

Member events like this are “+1” – Invite a nonmember, maybe they’ll like hanging around with us and come again.
1) June 12 “Annie” – 2:30 pm Showing @ENMU, We have 10¬†seats reserved to qualify for the group rate; please RSVP via email reply to this so that we can adjust our numbers as needed,¬†seats are already limited. Please carry $20¬†cash and arrive early to make¬†processing us at the door go much quicker. With your change, soft drinks and light snacks are sold for cash in the lobby during intermission. EXTRA!! Ice cream social at Chill (1500 W 2nd) after!
2) June 18 7pm Roswell Invaders Baseball Homegame – Great weather, let’s play outside kids!¬† A menu of hot dogs, chili nachos, sometimes burritos, is usually¬†on hand (as is beer).
Joe Bauman Field  2500 SE Main