image2Come to RCLT and experience the 2016 musical “Annie” because you know you want to, you really, really want to. Plus, you can “Betcha Bottom Dollar” that you will be richer for it.

This theatre performance will have similar scenes from the 1982 film but with more acts and songs.

If your kids love musicals then they will probably go to bed singing the tunes until they fall asleep.

If you loved the film “Annie” (with Carol Burnett) or the 1999 TV movie (with Kathy Bates), or seen the play, then you are probably singing right now…literally…with child-like excitement. No worries, no one will ever know. We are super exited about this play, too!

Still not convinced, then here are seven reasons why you and all your family and friends should come see Annie before it is gone on September 19, 2016:

1. Annie is a great way to experience theatre at its best. It’s based on the Little Orphan Annie comic strip. What kid doesn’t love comic books. If you love musicals you will adore taking a trip down memory lane yourself during and after the show. You will go home singing one of the songs “Tomorrow, Maybe, NYC, I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here, You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile,  Easy Street, Little Girls, You Won’t Be an Orphan for Long or I Don’t Need Anything But You.”

2. Annie may be old school, but it is a great history lesson. Who does not fall in love with the simple but real notions of loss, absolution, tenacity, righteousness, love and, best of all, the never-ending hope that the “Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.” Put it all together…it is unforgettable. Annie is an affirming example of how optimism can be learned and truly makes people feel good.

3. In the show there is non-stop comedy that will keep you laughing and have you leaving “Dressed With a Smile.”

4. Your kids will leave the performance thankful. One because you took them and two because they will appreciate that their version of a “Hard Knocks Life” is not so hard after all.

5. You will see local talent with exceptional skills. You will fall in love with Annie whether it be for the first time or all over again. This performance is just another glimpse of what Roswell really has to offer. In each of us lies talent waiting to be discovered.

6. Why not invest your money in establishing lasting memories with your family and friends. Going out for a night of humor and entertainment for a beloved classic will show your support in keeping the arts alive in Roswell NM, and

7. Live theater is unforgettable and magical! There is non-stop music, movement, color and humor. Letsimage1 face it, our kids have become accustomed to playing video games with immediate gratification and watching movies on small screens keeping them in their own little world. The experience of real people singing and dancing just for you, a creative set that transports you in time, lighting effects, a live orchestra (small but skilled) just may be the biggest thrill of their little lifetimes and yours, too!

We recommend that if you have little ones that you try to get an earlier showtime…Sunday’s at 2pm so they can enjoy the whole show, rather than tucker out before it is over. Otherwise you might be carrying your own little “Molly” to bed.

Note:  some content may not be suitable for little children. Some adult language. Hard times have to betray hard circumstances to make the effect believable.