image1The story of Annie is amazing.

One characters role stands out. Miss Farrell is private secretary to Oliver Warbucks. She brings Annie and Warbucks together using her character traits of: professionalism, loyalty, maturity, honesty, and nurturing.
Grace saves Annie!

Miss Grace Farrell is played by none other than Gina Montague. Thanks for speaking with us today. Tell us about your character.
Gina: Grace is a kind-hearted person who is a little infatuated with Mr. Warbucks. She enjoys her job and is good at what she does.

What do you like about Grace’s character?
Gina: I like that Grace is smart, hard-working, efficient,  and somewhat vulnerable too.

In your opinion, how does Grace’s character relate to women in our current society?
Gina: Grace is very much like a lot of women in our society today and throughout history, putting others needs above her own and taking care of everyone and everything.

What has been your favorite experience so far?
Gina: My favorite experiences with this play have been seeing the little orphan girls grow into their character.

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