Only two more chances to see Hello, Dolly

One of our cast members has submitted this word of thanks to all who participated.  It has been a true joy to work on the play and bring this story to life here at RCLT!

Come out and enjoy Hello Dolly: the  music is a joy and so are the delightful characters on stage.  Be  sure to thank our sponsors for supporting this show:  Paul’s Vet Supply, Maupin and Brown Dentistry, Roswell Toyota, and Maurice Geldert.  Also thank Rick Kraft for doing the voice of Ephraim Levi.  What a great community we live in.  I was truly impressed by the number of Dolly Cast that auditioned for the next play Willy Wonka.  The attached photo is of the feed store scene created by our set designer Terry Hecht. For tickets or call 622-1982.  You can still use season tickets for this play – $45.00 for 4 adults…it a good deal.

Thank you all that help RCLT  bring theatre to life.  You are making a difference in the lives of young and older people. We have 11 people on stage that have never been in live theatre on stage before…some in major roles.  We have 2 community band members (Mark Salas and Elijah Baltazar) playing music for us plus Kathy Cook and Berkeley Dittmann playing who recruited them.  We have 9 cast members who have auditioned for the next play some with their children. We have 1 entire family on our stage who came to support their youngest who wants to be on stage. I love how families can play together in the theater.  I love how the back stage crew makes the on stage crew look good by rapid set changes.  The team work needed to produce a play will live with these people – leading to future skills that benefit Roswell.  Thanks again.  Carol Bignell