Zack1aZack Anderson is one of the most talented performers on RCLT’s stage. We are excited to see him use those talents as a director!
Thanks for speaking with us today! Can you tell us, as the Assistant Director, what are some of the challenges you’ve faced in producing this play?
Zack: Well getting the set and blocking right has definitely been a challenge for all of us. Upcoming challenges include producing sound effects, and Lynetta has her work cut out for her with the lights, which is way above my skill level to even offer any sort of help except as a warm body to make sure lights are shining in the right place. Also filling in for Chris will be interesting, although it’s acting so that’s a challenge I’m familiar with.
What do you hope audiences will take away from this show?
Zack: I hope audiences appreciate the subtle things in each actors performance, things that aren’t in the script and are totally our collaborative creations. I hope they enjoy the story and think it’s exciting and funny at times. Most of all I just want them to have a great time at the theater and tell all their friends and have their friends tell their friends and all those friends come out to see this great show!
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