Lynetta1aLynetta Zuber has been in so many stage productions during her young life that it almost seems like she was born in the theatre. She has either directed, performed in, or assisted backstage in a good portion of the shows produced at the RCLT during the past decade. Lynetta is a super talented actress and director in her own right. We are extremely glad she decided to be part of this production!
Thanks for speaking with us today!
What are some of the challenges you have faced during this production?
Lynetta: The main challenge for this production has been the lighting. I always try to do something different if possible. And I’m, lucky enough to have a director who was willing to take a chance. With so many transitions it was difficult but, with the help of the cast during technical I was able to come up with something pretty awesome. In fact, it knocked the socks off the director the other night. Happily, I have an extra pair to give her. Hahaha….
What do you hope audiences will take away from this show?
Lynetta: I would like the audiences of Roswell to experience something different. Especially when it comes to the lighting and moods that it can entice. Altogether the audience should enjoy a wonderful final adventure of Sherlock Holmes.
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