me1Alethea Hartwell has been involved with RCLT since she was 12! The first production she worked on was The Murder Room, she was a stage hand and performed many of the backstage special and sound effects. She caught the ‘theatre bug’ and has been involved, in some capacity, since then (we’d tell you how long that is but few women admit their age)! You might recognize her from The Wizard Of Oz, though she no longer sports green make-up, or you may remember her most recent directorship, The Beams Are Creaking.
Thanks for speaking with us today!
Can you tell us, as the Director, what are some of the challenges you’ve faced in producing this play?
Alethea: We’ve faced many challenges! The way the script is written for one. There are no ‘scenes’ per say, it flows from one vignette to another and they all weave together to tell  a story. So the challenge here was to seamlessly portray them on stage, without the benefit of curtain closing or scene changes. Also, when I first read the play, I was delighted with the mystery involved and the way the story was told. However, my vision was quite grand, so the challenge became how to make this grand vision come to life on a somewhat small stage with lots of lighting restrictions. It was a big challenge! But my Light Director, Lynetta Zuber, is superb at what she does! And I am truly pleased with all the tricky and interesting lighting she has created for this production. I’m sure you will agree with me!
What do you hope audiences will take away from this show?
Alethea: Well, this is a mystery, so I hope that people will be drawn into the story, as I was when I first read it. I hope they will see all the humor that I see in it, especially in the Dr. Watson and Sid Prince characters. And finally, I hope that audiences will become enthralled with theatre and want to be part of something magical, amusing and creative as this production has been for me.