Don1Don James is an active member of RCLT. He has been involved in many productions including: The Odd Couple­, Birds of a Feather­, One Child­, Black Coffee,­ The Beams are Creaking,­ The Curious Savage­, Arsenic And Old Lace. He also recently assistant directed for To Kill A Mockingbird.

Thanks for having a chat with us today. Tell us about your character, Sid Prince.

Don: He’s kind of a boisterous, wise guy who likes to irritate and instigate trouble. He is Moriarty’s #1 henchman, and he’s quite proud of that. He is morally bankrupt and will not hesitate to kill at a moments notice, nor does he have any remorse for doing so. He also prides himself on being thorough and makes mental notes of his accomplishments.

What challenges have you faced while portraying this role?

Don: The biggest challenge I have is mastering the English accent. Second is overcoming the perception that I could not portray and bad or evil person. I hope that will change after this play.

What do you hope audiences will take away from this play?

Don: It is always my hope, in any play, that the audience is thoroughly entertained. Whether it be in humor, suspense, thought, or sorrow, the viewer should come away fully satisfied and maybe even learn something about the society we live in. I also hope they will have a renewed interest in the theater and perhaps decide to participate themselves, as well as appreciate the effort  and hard work that is put into these productions.

Come see Don James play his first ‘bad guy’ ever!

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