0725161840bHowever, it took the story about a little girl to bring forth a woman who understands how to tackle the art of wrangling “Little Girls” in a theatre. RCLT’s KAPS director is up for the challenge in more ways then one. This is Lynette’s first musical experience as an actor but not her first time brilliantly becoming a character actress.

That is right, Miss Hannigan is played by none other than Lynette Zuber. Thanks for speaking with us today. Tell us about your character.

Lynetta: In this version I see her as being a floozie in a way. Looking For someone to ‘want’ her. She has the desire to have an easy life. Hence running the orphanage where she does very little just to get by. But of¬†course it’s not really working out so why not drown the sorrows with a little cocktail, anyway she can get it.

What do you like about playing Hannigan?

Lynetta: I’m enjoying getting to do drunk comedy.

What do you do to get into character?

Lynetta: well this one needs to be unspoken….. ? just
kidding…. On days of rehearsal I’ll walk around the house acting drunk,
fortunately I haven’t fallen down the stairs (I’ve come close several

What has been the biggest challenge for this role?

Lynetta: I have to constantly remind myself that I’m a drunkand a liar. I’m a drunk liar ?

What can we learn from Hannigan?

Lynetta: Life is not easy. You can’t just sit there and expect things to happen, you may have a goal in mind but that doesn’t mean you will succeed in a minute, you have to work had for it.

What is your favorite version of Annie?

Lynetta: Now it may be weird, but many years ago I discovered the poem (written by James Whitcomb Riley) that the Annie story started from, which is really different from the story that we know today. Of course the poem “Little Orphant Annie”‘is meant to be heard not read. Being the story teller that I am, I really enjoy the nineteenth century Hoosier dialect. Not only the difference in how things are written and said, I enjoy the the challenge that helps improve my craft.

What is your favorite thing about the play?

Lynette: For me, my favorite part is the song ‘Little¬†Girls.’ I just hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do.