Auditions are August 16th and 17th at 6 pm at RCLT

Eric Sheridan, male, 30s

A police officer. A bookish, even-keeled guy who finds himself completely out of his element when called upon to express his feelings for a woman, lie to his boss, disguise himself as someone else, and stand up to an armed mobster – while not wearing any pants.

Billie Dwyer, female, 20s/30s

A police officer, Eric’s partner. Excitable and entirely unthreatening, she seemingly lacks every skill necessary for police work, but is eager to succeed as she seems destined to fail.

Karan Brown, female, 30s

An accountant, who has always taken pride in her accountant-like, professional demeanor – until this morning, when she finds herself filled with a sexual hunger, and unable to keep things in control.

Mayor Meekly, male, 50s to 70s

An Innocent, with a capital I. An affable, gentle fellow. Not to quick on the pick-up, but a sweet, sweet soul.

Agent Frank, male, 20s to 50s

The head of security at Town Hall, and frankly, the wrong man for the job. Though he presents the confident, gruff exterior of a secret service agent (or film noir detective, even) he is frequently (and, at moments of crisis, invariably) a man frightened by his own shadow.

Todd, male, 20s to 50s

Speaks with a pronounced Scottish accent. A professional hit man. Cool, quiet, and perceptive when at his best, but more frequently an angry Scotsman – and the angrier he becomes, the thicker his accent gets, until he is entirely indecipherable.

Mary Meekly, female, 50s to 70s

The Mayor’s wife. Small in stature and unfailingly sweet, she seems, in every way, the perfect match for her husband.