Willy Wonka Auditions, June 11 & 12 at 6:00 pm at the theatre.

Webster’s dictionary defines “audition” as:

1the power or sense of hearing
2the act of hearing; especially a critical hearing 
3a trial performance to appraise an entertainer’s merits 
It is #3 I wish to address today.  As auditions are coming up for Willy Wonka, (the first show of our 60th anniversary year!) I would like to share some ideas and suggestions for you to implement when you prepare for an audition.  Take note that an audition is a trial performance.  When you prepare for an audition approach it as though it is your own personal performance to show what you can do!  I have had coaches tell me that I should go into the audition as though I already have the part.  This is not to say that you bring a huge ego and look down at everyone else, but come in with confidence and an eagerness to do your very best.  The audition process is a time for you to show the casting committee what talent they have to choose from and to see how everyone will work together on the production.  Casting is likely the most important decision the director will make.  If this is done correctly, the actors will be making most of the acting choices thereby making the director’s job much easier.  Occasionally, we get brand new people to the craft.  We at RCLT welcome the prospect of teaching new actors.  Remember, this is YOUR theatre.  Come, audition, participate.  There is a place for everyone!