image3The director of this play is Louise Montague who’s last directorial brought down the house with laughter in My Fatal Valentine and raised money to support Roswell Literacy Council. She is also known for several other theatrical hallmarks with RCLT including: Small Talk and  Devel Divas.

The Assistant Director, Zack Anderson is very talented. It is hard to pick a favorite performance since he has so many voices and so many talents. He did a fantastic job in his performance as the Mayor in Whoville in WayWayOffBroadway’s Suessical the Musical. He also portrays many of the vocal talents in the successful Roswell BC podcast written/produced by Boyd Barrett. He got to live his dream when he portrayed the Tin Man in RCLT’s The Wizard of Oz.

Jenci’s outstanding and powerful performance as Urusla made her a crowd favorite and the perfect selection for mentoring young girls in a musical that requires the same talent on a much smaller scale. In addition to teaching vocal lessons, Jenci’s big heart made room in her busy schedule to volunteer in helping to lead this play as the music director.

Maryl McNally’s many talents as a singer, dancer and performer made her job as the comical French Chef Louis look easy. This will lend itself nicely in creating a dramatic stage presence requiring so many little and adorable orphan girls to do the same, along with a host of many other cast remembers. Some of us were not blessed to see her performance as Patsy in Patsy Cline that was selected to show at the Spencer Theatre in beautiful Ruidoso NM. You do not want to miss out on her talent as this musicals choreographer.

The title role of Annie is played by Samantha Thorsted, an eleven-year-old, who shows her pure excitement and love for performing every time she steps onto the stage. She is experienced in theatre, vocal, dance and film.

The play is blessed that Lucy Badger was cast as the understudy for Annie since she will steal the heart of the crowd quite easily. If you saw The Little Mermaid you will remember Lucy. She was delightful in her performance as Flounder. She will also be playing an orphan when she is not playing Annie.

Boyd Barrett will honor us again with a heartfelt performance as Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks. His ability to play the role of a great father figure will forever go unmatched. All you theatre lovers will remember his performance as Teyve in Fiddler on the Roof directed by Eddie Stevens.

In the role of Miss Hannigan is Lynetta Zuber, who never fails to make an audience laugh and she will no doubt surprise many with her other talents. She is partially responsible for many of the theatrical talents of the kids in this play as she has served as the KAPS director since their.  Her love for theatre is portrayed in her everyday life, but her performance in this play will make you love theatre too!

Giana Montague will literally grace the stage, as always, with her presence as Grace Farrell, the private Secretary to Oliver Warbucks. She was recently brilliant in her performance as Glenda the Good Which in The Wizard of Oz.

Rooster will win you over with his handsome yet devilish ways and will be played by none other than William Atkinson who just finished playing the lead role in Sherlock Holmes The Final Adventure. Yes he got to be the good guy. However, watch your hearts and purses ladies. He might just steal them, too, when he’s not trying to steal Annie’s heart and a whole lot of money from Mr. Warbucks.

Abbi Roe will be playing Lily St. Regis. She played Dorthy in RCLT’s The Wizard of Oz and Aquata, the 3rd and meanest sister in The Little Mermaid.  She is also the current Miss Roswell’s New Mexico Outstanding Teen. If that is not enough, she is also the student body president at Goddard High School.

Also starring in this Annie ensemble are:

Tango, a 7-year-old Golden Retriever owned by Marilyn Cozzens, stars as Sandy. He might just possibly steal the show.

Randy Nolen will be playing Mr. Bundles, the laundry man, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, the President. Talk about rags to riches.

The Orphans are played by Raelene Hartwell (July), Bennett Roehlk (Pepper) (with Eko Brooklyn Sanchez as her understudy), Madeline Hicks (Tessie), Aubrey O’Connor (Kate), Mason Deen (Molly) (with Madeline Williams as her understudy) and Zelia Santos as (Duffy). These kids will make you want to adopt an orphan.

Derek Palacios is a kid with a set of skills that makes him the perfect announcer, Bert Healey. His last performance as the Munchkin Coroner in The Wizard of Oz had everyone applauding, every time, after he had sung. He is one to watch for in this play and hopefully in years to come.

Julianne Martinez is playing the Star to Be in NYC. She was last seen in WayWayOffBroadway’s Suessical the Mussical as one of the Bird Girls. The role fits her well for she is a star to be.

Nate Banks is playing Luetinant Ward. He was last seen making an audience laugh as Sebastian in The Little Mermaid.

Kendra Jones, Michele Carter, Mary Alice Balderrama are the Boylin Sisters in addition to many other roles.

Jose Perez is playing Drake the Butler.

Connie Hester is playing Ms. Pugh.

There are several other equally important cast members: Brooke Flowers, Tara Jones, Matthew Perez, Gillian McFadin, Hugh Taylor,  etc… Some are experienced and some are new. Either way they will bring their own creative talents to the stage and the play will only be better for it.

We saved the best for last. The very talented and amazing music for Annie will be played with the piano accompaniment of Kathy Cook. She brings that delicate balance of music that helps the characters come to life. She shared this same skill as the piano accompaniment for The Wizard Oz.