60th Diamond Jubilee

Keep watching for more information on our 60 Anniversary Diamond Jubilee!  Here’s a little history of our theatre provided by Carol Bignell.  Thank you for caring for our historical records!

The Beginning of RCLT

1939 – Zelma & Paul McEvoy formed a touring company (Roswell Players) & produced musical variety shows & melodramas, going to rural schools.


1947 Roswell players reformed and produced “You Can’t Take It With You”.

 KBIM-TV aired live programs each Sunday afternoon produced by a small but determined group of local actors.

 Roswell Little Theater grew with the influx of Personnel into Walker Air Force Base & they began searching for a permanent home.


Constitution developed and approved for RCLT


We’ve come a long way!  Come celebrate with us August 18 at the Country Club.  A wonderful dinner will be served with entertainment.  The play “The Curse of the Hopeless Diamond” will be presented and your dinner ticket will get you a chance for a beautiful diamond necklace from Bullock’s Jewelry.