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Up Coming Auditions For: “Married Alive” are May 29th & 30th at 6:30pm at Roswell Community Little Theater

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What's So Great About Live Theater

Live theater is extremely important because humans are social creatures and made to be in association with one another. In this digital world, full of social media, technology, and screens, our society more than ever needs good, safe, meaningful, and physical interactions with others. The words community, cooperation, and collaboration all have the connotation of people acting together for a common purpose or benefit. Let’s look at some reasons why we need live theater and why we should share the joy of it with those around us.

We are shown history, sociology, psychology, conflict, humor, sadness. As an audience member we get to take a ride along a path other than our own. We get to see how others walk through common situations or not so common situations. As thespians we put ourselves into emotional and intellectual places we most likely have never been. We truly get to experience "walking in another's shoes." Live theater teaches us empathy and compassion.

When we share a physical space and experience with other actors and audience members it brings a sense of camaraderie, and shared participation that is not available through watching tv or movies. This is not only highly beneficial it is necessary for good human connection.

Unfortunately, we have gotten to a place in society where different opinions seem to be taboo. How can we ever solve problems if we don't allow discussion? Public discourse truly lies at the heart of democratic society! Let's face it! We are all different. We have different thoughts, opinions, religions, schooling, background, etc. Live theatre is like holding up a mirror to society and looking at the flaws and imperfections as well as the nice parts, and it does it in a nonthreatening way! Through live productions we can begin conversations and problem solving together about all kinds of different societal issues.

Studies show that students who participate in live theatre do better in school. Watching a theatre production takes skill! Following the characters' dialog and the story line requires apt attention, rigorous mental adjustments, and language skills. In live theatre we learn about culture, history, government, religion, human motivation, society, problem solving, conflict resolution, social interaction, etc. For those of us performing, we learn public speaking, confidence, problem solving, creativity, socialization, emotional intelligence, commitment, motivation, cooperation, etc. The benefits are real and varied!

Since the beginning of time, humans have shared stories! Stories have always been an important part of our communication. Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Stories need to be told, they need to be listened to, they need to be indulged and contemplated. Imagine life without stories! EWW! It would be dull and void of meaning. Live theater gives us so much! Let celebrate stories because stories matter and our lives are richer because of them!

Upcoming Events

Cosmic Conquest: The Ultimate Band Battle

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a sonic showdown like no other! Get ready to witness the clash of musical titans, the ultimate showdown of sound, Cosmic Conquest: The Ultimate Ban Battle! Sponsored by Roswell Community Little Theatre during the UFO Festival.

June 30th

 @ 7:30pm

Mission Improvable

Mission: Improvable

Join us for a night full of improv games and silliness. Improv is spontaneous ensemble theatre. It is an art form where the performers make up the theatre, usually comedy on the spot. As an audience member you get to be present at the very moment the comedy is created!

Performance: June 16th @ 7:30 pm

curtain's rising, i love you to death

Curtain's Rising 2023

A boxer, a gangster, a rival, a tortured vaudevillian, a woman on the prowl, and a pair of star-crossed lovers enter the Irish Lyon Social Club. Who will leave the speakeasy alive?  The jazz plays, illegal liquor flows, and the bodies and suspects start piling up in this tale of crooked deals, jilted lovers, betrayal, and mayhem. Try to pin the suspect with the crime to find out who did the deed in I Love You to Death. See the show. Play the game. Solve the mystery.

Performance : August 5th, doors open at 6:00pm

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