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“She Loves Me” May 16th and 17th at 6:30pm

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Crash Down Band Battle

Are you in a band and do you want to prove that your band is the best? Well, here’s your chance! RCLT is sponsoring a Battle of the Bands during the UFO Festival. The winner will get to open for the headliner at the UFO concert on Saturday, July 2nd. The competition will take place on Friday, July 2n1st. For more info, costs, and forms click below.

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Auditions for “She Loves Me”

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May 16th & 17th @6:30

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I will always be grateful to RCLT for giving me the opportunity to embody some of my favorite roles: Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof”, Daddy Warbucks in “Annie”, King Henry II in “The Lion in Winter”, the Cardinal in “The Prisoner”, and Joe Benjamin in “God’s Favorite”. Lots of good memories and plenty of lasting friendships!
Attending RCLT productions regularly has been one of my true highlights for the 15+ years I’ve lived in Roswell. Every performance is always a fun time for me, always brings a smile!
A place filled with magic, humor, and fun!
Such fun to see friends and family on stage! And a great way to meet new friends
A lovely opportunity to change your perspective on the world, see another person’s point of view.
We love spending an evening with the cast and crew of the RCLT. No matter what the play is, it’s never disappointing. These local talented and dedicated folks always bring their best with every production. My sweet mom especially LOVES her annual birthday gift – a season ticket!
Great play! All the actors did a great job last weekend. Loved it!